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For Peace of Mind, following are a few frequently asked questions:

About us

How do I get started/schedule a consultation?

When do I pay for services?

  • Invoices are sent via mail/email weekly or monthly-your choice.

What methods of payment do you accept?

  • Cash, Check, Paypal, Visa/MC/Discover/Amex.

  • Payment is due upon receipt of invoice

What is your cancellation policy?

Why would you want to cancel?  Well, life happens!  

  • Same day cancellation within 6 hours of visit incurs a charge of $15.

Do you operate on Holidays?


Do you exercise in all weather?

Typically I exercise rain or shine, though certain conditions may require postponement or cancellation. 

  • During the summer months, extreme heat puts your dog at risk for heat exhaustion and dehydration. Every dog is different, but in general, I will cancel a run if the temperature is above 85.  (A walk can be substituted)

  • In the winter, I will cancel/postpone a run if the temperature or wind chill gets dangerously low, or if the roads are extremely snowy or icy.

Do you charge for multiple dog households?

It Depends!

  • ​After an assessment during the consultation, we may recommend a longer visit.  or,

  • Temperament and/or disposition my require an additional charge

Do I provide a leash and collar?

Yes, please, but

  • All dogs must have an identification tag.

  • No PRONG collars.

Do you offer dog sitting?

  • If you are a current client utilizing one of the exercise routines, then Maybe...

  • I do not offer dog sitting as a stand alone option

Will my dog need to be Spayed or Neutered?

  • YES

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